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As a tool for accepting oneself, fashion helps with the discovery, exploration and experimentation with one's style. This only comes of course with a willingness to try new things, an openness to change and mostly a sense of satisfaction at every point of the journey. You'll not be the hero at first, but with a clear sense of purpose, one can rarely go wrong in the end. 

You learn to explore your body, realising your colour palettes, your texture favourites, your overall target outlook, and you begin to piece them together style by style, adding and eliminating the pieces you have no use fo anymore. A little help using a mood board can also play a vital role in this journey, chronicling your style from then to now. 

Fashion can teach you confidence, if you just trust it. Remember every other person wants a bit of what you've got, You have been a star all along.

Image courtesy: Catzorange.