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Ethical fashion is a broad term that covers various subjects in fashion, from fairness in trading relationships with employees, to standard of clothing, health of clothing, & longevity.

Ethical fashion encourages for fashion to be accountable, caring, safe, fair, long lasting, and above all in doing this cultural/artisanal skills and heritage are preserved from generation to generation.

An immense number of brands are participating in this global act of fashion consciousness. From Christopher Raeburn to Stella McCartney, Nkwo & People tree to name a very few.

I have followed and also have been a keen lover of the philosophies of  two makers in particular;

People tree

People tree is a pioneer in the sustainable and fair trade fashion movement, based in the UK and working closely with local farmers and artisans in India. They empower communities, creating clothes that are long lasting, beautiful and ethical.

People Tree UK

I first came across Nkwo's Nkwo Onwuka in a video, listening to her talk about working closely with Nigerian Benin's artisan of metal workers, which she uses in her jewelry, not to mention the fairly sourced made in Nigeria cotton from This Is Us in the northern part of the country. Her designs are fluid, crisp and exude beautiful hues of indigo, whites, & neutrals.


I do hope that soon, other designers begin to think in this direction, and as this thought goes on, I do hope for the country to invest majorly in Environmental/Eco fashion, as well as Fashion as a whole in Nigeria, in order for this sustainable culture in fashion to become widespread.

Image credits: Nkwo(SS17 LFDW), People tree UK.