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The philosophy of a brand I'd like to think is etched not so deeply, but in the mission and perhaps vision statement of a brand, coupled with the passion that actually drives you (and am not talking about the cliche 'passion for fashion' that enjoyed a fixture on our resumes and the lips of fashion enthusiasts whenever asked why they ventured into fashion).

The passion I mean is pretty much heroic, much like saving the world(of fashion of course). I think of it as that one singular or maybe even plural thing you wish to showcase differently about fashion, a different narrative, one that we've seen but never in a way its being presented to us by the creator. Simplistic, artistic, unique, deconstructive, architectural, poetic etc might be a few words critics and fashion smarts may opt to describe this with.

The philosophy of a brand when presented, might take a while to be understood, and other times they are easily understood by customers and buyers alike. Realizing the core of this, is one feature or uniqueness that will drive a brand on, leading it to its ultimate success

Lisa Folawiyo AW 17

Sometimes, being in fashion, it may take a while to find ones footing, understanding what drives you and a reason for being in fashion. This may occur in form of a constantly changing mission/vision statement, aesthetic, style or signature, but ultimately it will come through.

Celebrate it when you find it, speak it, preach it, & stay true to it.