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The feet are by far one of the most neglected parts of the body much like the ears. I myself have just been awaken to the fact that I had often times neglected my ears especially in the process of moisturising, and I am more conscious of it now, cleaning and moisturising it accordingly, but the feet for me have always been a priority. 

Growing up I would apply Vaseline, remove cuticles with a razor blade (one way or the other, having cuts were also not far from me) and take off dead skin cells with scrubbing stone (am pretty sure they have a special name for it). The result, a clean set of nails, and some very believable extra suppleness to my feet. 

I have continued this regimen into adulthood, replacing the Vaseline with some much deserved foot cream given to me by a friend, and sometimes I still slide to my Vaseline (occasionally applying them before bed to save the dear footcream). 

I don't paint my feet or decorate my it because sometimes I would confess I am tempted to, but it stays clean. It's easy to say I've got a regimen for it. washing, moisturising, more moisturising and once and a few times a using my hands just after bath to pick out extra flesh or a razor (carefully this time as much) to clean up after the stone scrub. Pedicure came once when a family relative had a salon, and that was it. I've promised myself a proper mani - pedi soon, but before then. Thy feet still glimmers. 

Bottom line, ignoring the feet isn't such a difficult thing to do, moist and not so nice smelling if you wear shoes a lot or leaving them dusty and scoffed, if you wear slippers, slides or sandals mostly. We forget, but I think if we had a nice picture of a feet on our cell and would look at it from time to time, we might be reminded of what we maybe missing in detail of "footcare".


Tip 2 : Moisturise feet with olive or coconut oil before putting them in shoes with socks or sans socks. They help eliminate smelly feet all day long. 

Image credits : Kene Rapu