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In Art & Fashion :

When I see a minimal art, my first thoughts are: how simple, how beautiful, yet how rich in meaning. For me minimal art is a lot of feeling, emotion and expression, much like the one that I have featured in this post. It just makes so much sense to me. The idea of minimalism at some point to me felt more prominent and well expressed in art, but that wasn't until I saw the Jil Sander SS11, emphasizing shapes and colors. It was truly my first enjoyment of minimalism in fashion. Brands like Celine, Zero Maria Cornejos SS17 all white collection further cemented my love for the minimal idea all the more.


Living & Spaces :

Fast track to artistic studio spaces,  and exhibitions at MoMA and I see minimalism all the more in curated spaces (tbh  most art spaces have always had a very minimal and spatial vibe). Rele gallery in Lagos, Nigeria has a got good hold on that. Seen in their name fonts and mindful curation.  I began to see them more in well planned living spaces, in their whites, beiges, toned down decor, and of course infused with art that is both expressive and minimal. The large green faunas also do well in adding a very soothing effect when thrown into the picture. I am always on the look out for minimal spaces to add to my interiors dream sketch book.

Image credits from top:
Image 1 & 2 : Frederic Forest
Image 3 : Mats Gustafson
Image 4 : Studio Abby
Image 5 : Catzorange
Image 6 : Stem Studio