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Maybe it's a revolution of the artisanal feel, or makers just truly appreciating cultures, crafts and craftsmanship of different people from all over the world, regardless of wherever they are, but referencing them still. Accessory for one has had a leap back into the handmade, ethnic, culture promoting, and often times community building artisanal products. This is a good thing, as this not only fosters a revival of traditions and craftsmanship that might as well have been lost, but also allows the appreciation of what the human hands can do. The days of leather seen as the most cherished and priced raw material for bag making isn't over though, but consumers are gravitating towards this change, loving it and sharing their awesome purchases / imagery.

This will not only boost the burgeoning market and demand for handcrafted or handfinished goods, but also create more opportunities for an in depth study, learning and perhaps revival of these varied cultures and people. From the beautifully woven "FEED" bags from Kenya, ala Lauren Bush's FEED initiative and product line to feed people all over the world, to the Mexican shawls, interior pieces, clothing and lifestyle makes of Lauren Conrad's "The Little Market". There is also the famed and celebrated Nigerian designer "Nkwo" using organically grown cotton and dyeing techniques from Northern Nigeria, to "Lisa Folawiyo's" crowned ,embellished and highly revered hand beading & intricate bejewelling techniques on clothing and accessories. These are but a few of change makers using these techniques to not only create their own niche, but help carve out a need for these products.

I recently came across a brand "Shekudo" whom I love what they do with the traditional Nigerian (Yoruba people) Aso Oke handloomed fabric. There are countless others who have and are doing this too beautifully, working and reimagining the fabric. Indeed, it is a good time to appreciate culture and also be fashionable. Other raw materials that have also been catapulted into mainstream acceptance, fashion and celebration are rafia, jutes and canes, coming in equally beautiful, need fulfilling and aesthically appealing pieces. We love what we see and cannot wait for more.

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Image 1 - Shekudo clutch
Image 2 - Shekudo tote
Image 3 - A.A.K.S bag
Image 4 - Catzorange bag
Image 5 - Where Mountains Meet tote