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The concept store boasts an array of products from an array of brands, displayed in a chosen style, or manner in accordance to a desired theme / aesthetics. It is usually carefully thought of and very intentional. Products can range from apparel ,to accessories, to homeware, or interior pieces, beauty and perhaps literature. It can go on to carry art pieces, in the form of paintings, sculpture, metal works, pottery and wood works. The concept store serves to provide, sometimes an all round lifestyle / feel good experience. Food and spice corners can be added for olfactory and gustatory advantage.

The boutique has morphed from what it used to be known for, carrying only a selection of clothing and accessories, to also including other lifestyle gives. It has evolved from being a one time clothes on rack, shoes and bag space, to take on a more conceptual approach. Growing up, the concept of the boutique was almost quite simple, and very achievable, if I may add, but now, seeing the global changing trend and approach towards fashion, it has gone to become more exclusive, not in the price sense, but with its selection of brands, whether designer or not, to really focusing on serving particular genre of trends or style.

The concept store and the boutique can be a space to experience, but what I love about them, is an emphasis or showcase of the brands, giving a much needed attention / reach to awesome talents in all capacity.

Image credits : from top
Image 1 : Courtesy Untitled Lagos, Bag by This is Us Ng
Image 2 : Courtesy Alara Lagos
Image 3 : Courtesy Alara Lagos